Prada and Axiom Space Team Up to Design Spacesuits for the Artemis III Mission

In a groundbreaking partnership, luxury brand Prada and commercial space company Axiom Space have announced their collaboration to design spacesuits for the highly anticipated Artemis III mission. This extraordinary venture brings together Italian style and cutting-edge technology, as Prada's engineers will work alongside Axiom Space to develop spacesuits that offer unparalleled protection and optimize mobility for astronauts exploring the moon. This historic mission is set to rewrite the future of fashion and space exploration, promising a new era of human creativity and innovation.

The Forward-Thinking Collaboration

Prada and Axiom Space unite to create spacesuits for Artemis III mission

Prada, known for its constant pursuit of innovation in the fashion industry, has now set its sights on a new realm of adventure: space. Teaming up with commercial space company Axiom Space, Prada is collaborating on the design of spacesuits for the highly anticipated Artemis III mission, scheduled for 2025. This visionary partnership brings together the expertise of an Italian luxury house and a cutting-edge tech company to revolutionize not only the world of fashion but also space exploration.

Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group’s marketing director, expressed honor and excitement to be a part of this historic mission with Axiom Space, highlighting the forward-thinking ethos and desire for new horizons shared by both brands.

Through this collaboration, Prada’s engineers will be working closely with Axiom Space's systems team to develop advanced spacesuit materials and versatile features that enable astronauts to live and work on the moon. The aim is to enhance flexibility, environmental protection, and research capabilities during missions, pushing the boundaries of human exploration.

Combining Innovation and Human Creativity

Prada's venture into space is rooted in its long-established tradition of experimentation and technological expertise. Starting with Luna Rossa's endeavors in challenging for the America's Cup in the '90s, Prada has consistently demonstrated its commitment to pushing the frontiers of technical possibilities.

This remarkable collaboration now signifies a celebration of human creativity, manifesting through the design of spacesuits in the Artemis era. Prada's expertise and design know-how will be applied to create state-of-the-art spacesuits that merge functionality and style, reflecting the immense potential of human collaboration and innovative thinking to inspire and progress civilization.

Enhancing Space Exploration

Advanced spacesuit capabilities for lunar missions

The Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit (AxEMU) spacesuit, designed in collaboration with Prada, aims to revolutionize astronauts' experience and safety on the moon. It will feature groundbreaking capabilities tailored for the demands of lunar surface missions and scientific exploration.

Unprecedented Flexibility and Protections

The spacesuit's design will enhance flexibility, enabling astronauts to maneuver more freely and efficiently in the challenging lunar environment. Additionally, emphasis will be placed on increased protection against the harsh lunar conditions, including better insulation and functionality to safeguard astronauts from potential risks.

Specialized Tools for Lunar Research

Bearing in mind the importance of carrying out research during lunar missions, the AxEMU spacesuit will be equipped with specialized tools and technologies. These vital additions will enable astronauts to conduct a wide range of scientific experiments and data collection, contributing to a deeper understanding of the moon and its potential for future human habitation and exploration.

Axiom Space: Bridging Commercial Space and Fashion

Axiom Space's foray into an unexpected realm

Axiom Space, a leading commercial space company, has gained considerable expertise through its missions to the International Space Station and commercial space station in low-Earth orbit. The collaboration with Prada marks a significant step in expanding Axiom Space into the fashion industry, projecting their exploration and innovation beyond the realms of space technology.

The partnership with Prada not only signifies Axiom Space's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology but also highlights the importance of incorporating design aesthetics and human factors in spacesuit development. By collaborating with Prada's technical expertise, Axiom Space aims to set a new standard for both comfort and functional design in future spacesuits, prioritizing the well-being and productivity of astronauts in space exploration endeavors.

The Future of Fashion and Space Collaboration

Rewriting the boundaries of creative partnership

As Prada extends its creative vision beyond Earth's limits and Axiom Space ventures into unexpected collaborations, the implications for the future of fashion and space exploration blur the boundaries between seemingly disparate industries.

Merging Technology, Innovation, and Style

The collaboration between Prada and Axiom Space signifies a watershed moment in interdisciplinary partnerships, pushing the envelope of what is considered possible in the realms of fashion and aerospace technology. This alliance reinforces the belief in human creativity and its potential to fuel advancements, not only for space exploration but also for advancements here on Earth.

If Prada's technical expertise and sense of luxury successfully merge with Axiom Space's technological aspirations, an exciting new era of space fashion may emerge, offering aesthetically appealing and incredibly functional spacesuits that redefine the way astronauts perform their duties.

These groundbreaking developments in spacewear design ultimately nurture the collective imagination and ignite curiosity, facilitating a deeper connection between the ordinariness of our lives and the extraordinary potential of space.


In the union of Prada and Axiom Space, we witness the convergence of luxury fashion and space exploration, leading to the design of advanced spacesuits for the Artemis III mission. This groundbreaking collaboration showcases the power of human creativity, innovation, and interdisciplinary partnerships.

The result of this unique venture will push the boundaries of spacesuit capabilities, enhancing flexibility, protection, and performance for astronauts exploring the moon. It sets the stage for a future where fashion and technology harmoniously coexist, advancing not only space exploration but also inspiring new possibilities on Earth.


What is the aim of the collaboration between Prada and Axiom Space?

The aim of the collaboration is to design state-of-the-art spacesuits for the Artemis III mission, offering enhanced mobility, protection, and functionality for astronauts on the moon.

Why is this collaboration significant?

This collaboration is significant as it marks the first partnership between an Italian luxury house and a commercial space company, bridging the divide between fashion and space exploration, and shaping the future of spacesuit design.

What can we expect from the collaboration of Prada and Axiom Space?

The collaboration promises the development of advanced materials, increased flexibility, and specialized tools in spacesuits, with a combined focus on functionality, protection, and aesthetics, potentially revolutionizing the future of fashion and space exploration.

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