7 Budget Measures You May Have Missed in the 2024 Irish Budget

In the midst of all the talk about the €14 billion spend-and-save package and the well-flagged welfare increases and income tax cuts, there were several budget measures that may have gone under the radar. Join me, Jennifer Smith, as I uncover seven lesser-known measures from the 2024 Irish Budget that you may have missed. From tax relief for electricity micro-generation to funding for Ireland's involvement in the European Space Agency, let's dive into these hidden gems.

More Tax Relief for Electricity Micro-Generation

Discover the doubled tax disregard for households selling electricity back to the grid and the impact it will have on solar panel owners.

Did you know that starting from January, households who sell electricity back to the grid will benefit from a doubled tax disregard? This means that solar panel owners will now receive up to €400 in income tax for their contributions to the energy grid. This measure aims to incentivize and support micro-generation of electricity, promoting sustainable energy practices.

By increasing the tax relief for electricity micro-generation, the government is encouraging more households to invest in solar panels and contribute to the national energy grid. This not only helps reduce carbon emissions but also allows homeowners to generate their own clean energy and potentially save on electricity bills. With this new measure, Ireland takes another step towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Funding for Ireland's Involvement in the European Space Agency

Explore the increased funding for Ireland's participation in the European Space Agency and its significance for the country's space industry.

Ireland's involvement in the European Space Agency (ESA) is set to soar with an increase in funding by €3.3 million. This boost in investment is a key element of the National Space Strategy, aimed at enhancing Ireland's presence in the space industry and securing valuable contracts for Irish companies.

Over the past few years, Ireland has been steadily increasing its annual investment in the ESA, recognizing the importance of space exploration and technology. This additional funding will not only strengthen Ireland's position within the ESA but also provide opportunities for Irish companies to participate in cutting-edge space projects. It's an exciting time for the Irish space industry as it continues to expand its horizons and reach for the stars.

Expanding Ireland's Diplomatic Missions

Learn about the €4 million allocation to expand Ireland's diplomatic missions and the benefits it brings to the country's international relations.

Ireland's diplomatic presence is set to grow with an additional €4 million allocated to expand its missions around the world. This funding will be used to establish permanent accommodation in key locations such as Frankfurt, Lyon, Manchester, Manila, Miami, Rabat, and Toronto, while also renewing and maintaining properties at existing embassies and consulates.

Expanding Ireland's diplomatic missions not only strengthens the country's international relations but also promotes trade, tourism, and cultural exchange. With a larger presence abroad, Ireland can better represent its interests and engage with other nations on a broader scale. This investment reflects Ireland's commitment to diplomacy and its desire to foster positive relationships with countries around the globe.

Establishing the Office of the New Directly-Elected Mayor of Limerick

Discover how the additional €29 million provided to local government will fund the establishment of the office of the new directly-elected Mayor of Limerick.

Exciting changes are coming to Limerick with the establishment of the office of the new directly-elected Mayor. This initiative, funded by an additional €29 million allocated to local government, will give the people of Limerick a direct say in the governance of their city.

The new directly-elected Mayor of Limerick will have the power to make decisions and shape the future of the city, addressing local issues and representing the interests of the community. This democratic reform aims to enhance local government and empower citizens to actively participate in shaping their city's development. The introduction of a directly-elected Mayor is a significant step towards more inclusive and accountable governance in Limerick.

Expansion of the Free Travel Scheme

Learn about the extension of the Free Travel Scheme to include people who are medically unfit to drive and the positive impact it will have on their mobility.

The Free Travel Scheme, which currently covers Irish residents aged 66 and over, is set to be expanded to include people who are medically unfit to drive from July 2024. This extension will provide greater mobility and accessibility for individuals who rely on public transportation due to medical conditions.

By including those who are medically unfit to drive in the Free Travel Scheme, the government is ensuring that they have access to essential services, social activities, and employment opportunities. This expansion recognizes the importance of inclusive transportation options and aims to improve the quality of life for individuals facing mobility challenges. It's a positive step towards creating a more inclusive and accessible society for all.

Increased Staffing and Resources for the President and Taoiseach

Discover the additional funding allocated to increase staffing and resources at Áras an Uachtaráin and the Taoiseach's Department, supporting the roles of the President and Taoiseach.

Recognizing the importance of the roles of the President and Taoiseach, additional funding of €144,000 and €900,000 respectively has been allocated to increase staffing and resources. This investment aims to support the key priorities of both offices and ensure they have the necessary resources to fulfill their duties effectively.

With an election due in 2025, this funding will be particularly beneficial for President Michael D Higgins in his last full year in office. It will enable Áras an Uachtaráin to address key priorities and enhance its operations. Similarly, the increased resources for the Taoiseach's Department will support the work of the Taoiseach, ensuring efficient governance and decision-making. This investment reflects the importance of strong leadership and effective administration in guiding the country forward.


In conclusion, the 2024 Irish Budget unveiled several lesser-known measures that deserve attention. From tax relief for electricity micro-generation to funding for Ireland's involvement in the European Space Agency, these measures reflect the government's commitment to sustainable energy, technological advancement, and international relations.

By supporting solar panel owners, expanding diplomatic missions, establishing the office of the new directly-elected Mayor of Limerick, and increasing resources for the President and Taoiseach, the budget aims to create a greener, more inclusive, and prosperous future for Ireland.

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