Changing the Narrative: A Fresh Perspective on Bihar in Cinema

In the world of cinema, Bihar has often been depicted as a place riddled with crime. However, filmmaker Parth Saurabh and producer Achal Mishra are challenging this stereotype and bringing about a much-needed change. With their film 'Pokhar Ke Dunu Paar' receiving critical acclaim, they are shedding light on the authentic and lived-in stories of Bihar. Join us as we explore their journey and the impact they are making on the perception of Bihar in cinema.

Revolutionizing Bihar's Portrayal in Cinema

Breaking free from the crime narrative

Changing the Narrative: A Fresh Perspective on Bihar in Cinema - 439594297

Bihar has long been associated with crime in cinema, overshadowing the rich cultural heritage and diverse stories of the state. Filmmaker Parth Saurabh and producer Achal Mishra are challenging this stereotype by bringing authentic and lived-in stories from Bihar to the forefront.

With their film 'Pokhar Ke Dunu Paar', they have successfully showcased a different side of Bihar, receiving critical acclaim and changing the perception of the state in cinema. Through their work, they aim to empower other filmmakers to tell their own stories and highlight the true essence of Bihar.

The Darbhanga Wave: A New Narrative

Shifting the focus to Darbhanga

Darbhanga, a city in Bihar, has often been overlooked in cinema. Parth Saurabh's film 'Pokhar Ke Dunu Paar' aims to change that by exploring the gender-based perspective of this small town.

The film delves into the story of Sumit and Priyanka, a couple who elopes to Delhi but is forced to return to Darbhanga during the COVID-19 pandemic. It highlights the challenges they face and the contrasting desires they have for their hometown.

By focusing on Darbhanga, Saurabh and Mishra are shedding light on the untold stories and experiences of this city, allowing the audience to see a different side of Bihar.

Unveiling the Realities of Love and Elopement

Going beyond conventional narratives

Most films depict love and elopement in a simplistic manner, with easy resolutions or tragic endings. However, 'Pokhar Ke Dunu Paar' takes a different approach by exploring the complexities and realities of such relationships.

The film draws inspiration from real-life stories where people elope and later realize their mistakes or return to their old lives. It aims to present a more nuanced and authentic portrayal of love and elopement, challenging the conventional narratives seen in cinema.

Finding Home: A Gender Perspective

Exploring the concept of home

'Pokhar Ke Dunu Paar' delves into the idea of home and how it can mean different things to different genders. The film explores the journey of Sumit and Priyanka as they navigate their desires and search for a sense of belonging.

While Sumit finds comfort in his hometown, Priyanka feels trapped and longs for something more. The film raises questions about the complexities of relationships and the importance of understanding individual perspectives.

Empowering Filmmakers and Changing Perceptions

Creating a platform for authentic storytelling

'Pokhar Ke Dunu Paar' has not only received critical acclaim but has also empowered other filmmakers to tell their own stories from Bihar. It has opened doors for more authentic and diverse narratives to emerge.

The film's success has challenged the notion that Bihar is only associated with crime in cinema. It has shown that there is an audience for stories that go beyond stereotypes and capture the essence of the state.

Through their work, Parth Saurabh and Achal Mishra are changing the perception of Bihar in cinema and paving the way for a new wave of storytelling.

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