From Unity to Harvard: A Journey of Passion and Discovery

Join us on a captivating journey as we delve into the remarkable story of Keara Carter, an astrophysics engineer who embarked on a transformative journey from her humble hometown of Unity to the renowned halls of Harvard. Discover her unwavering passion for unraveling the mysteries of the universe and the groundbreaking contributions she has made along the way.

A Childhood in Unity

Explore Keara Carter's deep connection to Unity and the cherished memories she created with her grandparents.

From Unity to Harvard: A Journey of Passion and Discovery - 1987999169

Growing up in Unity, Keara Carter developed a profound bond with the town that would shape her future. Spending summers with her grandparents, Laraine and the late Gary Wood, provided her with unforgettable experiences. From swimming in local lakes to picking saskatoon berries and hunting for arrowheads, Unity became the backdrop for countless cherished memories.

These formative years in Unity laid the foundation for Carter's love of nature and exploration, igniting a curiosity that would eventually lead her to the vast mysteries of the universe.

A Journey of Education and Discovery

Follow Keara Carter's educational journey and her pursuit of astrophysics, from the University of Saskatchewan to Harvard.

After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in engineering physics, Keara Carter's passion for astrophysics propelled her to new heights. She was selected for a prestigious year-long internship at Harvard's Center for Astrophysics, where she focused on developing a wideband submillimeter array (SMA).

Internship at Harvard

During her time at Harvard, Carter worked tirelessly on upgrading the SMA, a collection of eight telescopes that work in unison to observe astronomical phenomena. Her enhancements to the SMA allowed researchers to obtain more accurate measurements, leading to a deeper understanding of star chemistry and black hole physics.

Exploring the Event Horizon Telescope

The SMA, located near the Maunakea summit in Hawaii, is an integral part of the Event Horizon Telescope. Carter's contributions to the SMA's sensitivity and frequency range have played a crucial role in expanding the capabilities of this groundbreaking telescope.

After her internship, Carter ventured into the field of geological exploration, working as a field physicist in remote locations across Canada and the United States. Her experiences included working on Somerset Island, where she had to be prepared for the risk of polar bear encounters.

Astrophysics Adventures in Belfast

Discover Keara Carter's time in Belfast, Ireland, where she studied astrophysics and even had a role in Game of Thrones.

In 2018, Keara Carter had the incredible opportunity to study astrophysics at Queen's University in Belfast, Ireland. This experience not only deepened her knowledge of the subject but also opened doors to unexpected adventures.

Astrophysics Research and Game of Thrones

During her time in Belfast, Carter interned at the Astrophysics Research Centre at Queen's University. Here, she delved into computer simulations for cataclysmic variable stars, further honing her expertise in the field.

But her time in Belfast held an exciting surprise. Carter had the chance to be an extra in season eight of the iconic TV series Game of Thrones. She played the roles of a zombie character and a flea-bottom peasant, adding a touch of fantasy to her already extraordinary journey.

Continuing the Quest at Harvard

Learn about Keara Carter's return to Harvard and her ongoing work in developing the wideband Submillimeter Array and the next generation Event Horizon Telescope.

After her adventures in Belfast, Keara Carter returned to the Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge. Her two-year engineering position focused on further advancing the wideband Submillimeter Array and expanding the capabilities of the next generation Event Horizon Telescope.

With unwavering dedication, Carter continues to push the boundaries of astrophysics, striving to unravel the secrets of the universe and contribute to our ever-growing understanding of the cosmos.

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