Horacio Marin: The Techint Expert Leading YPF

In the world of energy, a new leader has emerged. Horacio Marin, an expert from Techint with a wealth of experience in exploration and production, has taken the helm at YPF. Join me as we delve into the background and expertise of this remarkable individual and explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for YPF under his guidance.

Horacio Marin: A Leader with Expertise

Explore the background and expertise of Horacio Marin, the new leader of YPF.

Horacio Marin: The Techint Expert Leading YPF - 2062536000

Horacio Marin, a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in the energy industry, has taken on the role of leading YPF. His expertise in exploration and production, honed during his tenure at Techint, makes him the perfect candidate to guide YPF into the future.

Having started his career as a reservoir engineer, Marin quickly rose through the ranks to become the head of exploration and production at Tecpetrol. His technical background, combined with his leadership skills, will undoubtedly shape the priorities of YPF and drive its success.

Unifying Leadership at YPF

Discover how YPF is bringing together the positions of president and CEO under Horacio Marin's leadership.

During the regimes of Mauricio Macri and Alberto Fernández, the positions of president and CEO at YPF were separated. However, under Horacio Marin's direction, these roles are once again unified, bringing a more streamlined approach to the company's operations.

Pablo Gonzalez and Pablo Iuliano currently hold the positions of president and CEO respectively. With Marin at the helm, YPF aims to leverage his technical expertise and strategic vision to drive the company forward and achieve its goals.

Priorities for YPF under Marin's Leadership

Learn about the key priorities that Horacio Marin will focus on during his tenure at YPF.

As a technical expert in the energy sector, Horacio Marin brings a unique perspective to his role as the leader of YPF. One of his immediate priorities will be to establish a more political profile for the company, addressing issues such as the end of the gasoline price freeze and the 'Criollo' barrel.

Marin's technical background will also enable him to define clear priorities for YPF in terms of exploration and production. By leveraging his expertise and collaborating with the technical team, he aims to drive growth and ensure the company's success in a challenging industry.

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