Outrage in Puyallup: Mobile Homeowners Face Skyrocketing Rent Hikes

Mobile homeowners in Puyallup, Washington, are facing a distressing situation as rent hikes reach unprecedented levels. Outraged by skyrocketing rates, some residents are considering taking their case to the Washington State Attorney General's Office. In this article, we delve into the concerns of the community and explore the potential actions being considered.

Outrage Over Skyrocketing Rent Hikes

Discover the frustration and anger of mobile homeowners in Puyallup as they face unprecedented rent increases.

Mobile homeowners in Puyallup, Washington, are experiencing a wave of outrage due to skyrocketing rent hikes. Many residents have seen their rates increase by as much as 50 percent, causing significant financial strain and anxiety.

Feeling ignored by property owners, frustrated neighbors are considering taking their case to the Washington State Attorney General's Office. Sandra Majors, a resident of the Cottonwood Mobile Home Park, expressed her concerns about the situation, fearing that she may end up living in her car.

Pierce County Property records reveal that Hurst & Son LLC recently acquired the property for $7 million. This acquisition has sparked further discontent among homeowners, who question the motives behind the substantial rent increases.

Call for Action: Seeking Assistance from the State

Explore the potential solution proposed by mobile homeowners and the response from property owners.

Seeking a resolution to their predicament, some residents are urging the Washington State Attorney General's Office to intervene. They believe that the sudden and exorbitant rent hikes are unjust and require legal action.

When contacted for a response, Hurst & Son LLC referred to a press release suggesting a potential solution. They propose a private-public partnership where the state provides income assistance for low-income individuals, while the private sector takes responsibility for necessary infrastructure improvements.

This proposal has sparked a debate among homeowners, with some expressing skepticism about the effectiveness of such a partnership. They argue that property owners should bear the responsibility of providing affordable housing without relying on government assistance.

Unhappy with Rental Contracts: Extreme Rules and Dissatisfaction

Discover the discontent among mobile homeowners regarding certain rules outlined in their rental contracts.

In addition to the rent hikes, some residents are also unhappy with certain rules outlined in their rental contracts. They consider these rules to be extreme and restrictive, further exacerbating their dissatisfaction.

Examples of these rules include limitations on pet ownership, restrictions on modifications to the property, and stringent regulations on visitor access. Homeowners argue that these rules infringe upon their rights and limit their ability to fully enjoy their homes.

As the tension between property owners and residents continues to escalate, it remains to be seen whether a resolution can be reached that satisfies all parties involved.

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