Exploring the Thrilling World of Cycling: A Journey of Curiosity and Discovery

Join Rebecca Hong as she embarks on a new adventure, leaving behind the hard pavement of long-distance running and embracing the thrilling world of cycling. In this article, we delve into her journey of curiosity and discovery as she navigates the narrow streets of New York City. Discover how accepting limitations can lead to new opportunities and a whole new way to move forward.

Embracing a New Adventure

Rebecca's transition from long-distance running to cycling

Exploring the Thrilling World of Cycling: A Journey of Curiosity and Discovery - 198950408

Leaving behind the familiar world of long-distance running, Rebecca Hong found herself drawn to the thrilling world of cycling. In the bustling streets of New York City, she embarked on a new adventure, trading in hard pavement for narrow streets. This marked the beginning of a journey filled with curiosity and discovery.

As she embraced this new mode of transportation, Rebecca experienced a sense of exhilaration and freedom, reminiscent of her childhood days. The challenges of navigating through a city known for its traffic and congestion only added to the excitement. It was a chance for her to accept her limitations and explore a whole new way of moving forward.

A Nomadic Spirit

Rebecca's love for exploration and experiential learning

Movement, curiosity, and exploration have always been recurring themes in Rebecca's life. From relocating to different cities to immersing herself in various educational institutions, she thrives in environments that foster the pursuit of knowledge together.

Her nomadic spirit has allowed her to set down deep roots in each place, working with and learning from the shared communities she encounters. It is this love for exploration and experiential learning that informs her willingness to embrace new concepts and shake up her context from time to time.

One of the most formative events in her life was her journey into the world of opening a Jewish deli. This experience taught her the value of collaboration and teamwork, which she now applies in her work with people in schools. It has deeply influenced her approach to education and how she encourages students to challenge the status quo and think big.

Progressive Education for a Changing World

Rebecca's vision for Sequoyah and progressive education

Returning to California and taking on the role of head of school at Sequoyah, Rebecca sees the school as a major player in reorienting the conversation around progressive education. She believes that the distinctive education offered by Sequoyah is a cultural match for what the world needs today.

Sequoyah's program empowers students to know their own motivations, seek relevance in their learning, and develop strong teamwork skills. By the time students graduate, they are equipped to face complex issues, work with others, and leverage their skills while staying true to themselves as individuals.

Rebecca is passionate about seeing Sequoyah students embrace the mission and ethos of the school. They are encouraged to take risks, learn from failures, and approach learning with excitement and kindness towards one another. It is a place where progressive education thrives, as students are encouraged to think deeply about their motivations and the impact they can make in the world.

Curiosity as a Guiding Force

Rebecca's advice for embracing curiosity and finding purpose

Rebecca's journey of curiosity and discovery serves as a reminder to let our curiosity guide us towards purposeful and fulfilling experiences. By listening to ourselves and exploring what makes sense, we can find ourselves in places that align with our passions and bring us joy.

She encourages others to ask themselves why they do what they do, what they want to learn, and what they want to achieve. Embracing curiosity and using it as a compass can lead us to the right communities and the right work, where we can make a meaningful impact.

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