NASA+ Streaming Service: Explore the Universe and Beyond

Welcome to NASA+, the exciting new streaming service from NASA. Join us as we explore the wonders of the universe and beyond, with live coverage, original video series, and educational content. Discover the latest news and innovations from NASA as we continue to improve life on Earth through innovation, exploration, and discovery. No subscription required, just download the NASA App on iOS and Android devices or stream online at Let's embark on a journey of knowledge and inspiration together!

Explore the Universe with NASA+

Discover the wonders of the universe through NASA's new streaming service.

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Embark on a journey of exploration and discovery with NASA+. This exciting new streaming service brings you closer to the wonders of the universe like never before. Whether you're a space enthusiast, a science lover, or simply curious about the mysteries of the cosmos, NASA+ has something for everyone.

With NASA+, you can access live coverage of launches, original video series, and educational content that will ignite your curiosity and expand your knowledge. From the latest news in space exploration to behind-the-scenes insights from NASA scientists and astronauts, there's always something fascinating to watch.

Imagine being able to witness the launch of a spacecraft in real-time, or exploring the depths of the universe through stunning visuals and informative documentaries. NASA+ offers all this and more, providing a gateway to the wonders of the cosmos right at your fingertips.

Original Video Series and Educational Content

Dive into a world of captivating original video series and educational content on NASA+.

Get ready to be captivated by NASA's original video series available exclusively on NASA+. These series take you behind-the-scenes of groundbreaking missions, provide in-depth insights into the latest scientific discoveries, and showcase the incredible work of NASA scientists and engineers.

From following the journey of the James Webb Space Telescope to witnessing the efforts of scientists returning America's first asteroid sample, these series offer a unique perspective on the wonders of space exploration.

But NASA+ is not just about entertainment. It also offers a wealth of educational content for learners of all ages. Dive into animated children's shows that explore the planets, mysteries of the universe, and intergalactic worlds. Engage with Spanish-language programming that highlights Hispanic and Latino NASA employees and climate content for kids.

Live Launch Coverage and Real-Time Events

Experience the thrill of live launch coverage and real-time events with NASA+.

One of the most exciting features of NASA+ is the ability to watch live launch coverage and real-time events. Witness the awe-inspiring moments as NASA launches science experiments, astronauts to space, and ultimately, the first woman and person of color to the Moon.

Imagine the thrill of watching a rocket take off, feeling the anticipation build as it soars into the sky, and celebrating the achievements of human exploration. With NASA+, you can be a part of these historic moments from the comfort of your own home.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments in space exploration as NASA continues to push the boundaries of innovation. Be the first to know about new missions, scientific discoveries, and the advancements that are shaping our understanding of the universe.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Enjoy the convenience of accessing NASA+ anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to the NASA App, accessing NASA+ is easier than ever. Simply download the app on your iOS or Android mobile or tablet devices, and you'll have instant access to a world of space exploration and discovery.

Prefer streaming on your TV? NASA+ is also available on streaming media players like Roku and Apple TV. And if you prefer to watch on your computer, you can stream online at

Whether you're at home, on the go, or anywhere in between, NASA+ is always at your fingertips. Explore the universe and expand your knowledge whenever and wherever you choose.

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