The Moonwalkers: A Journey with Tom Hanks

Embark on a captivating journey with Tom Hanks as he takes us through the immersive documentary 'The Moonwalkers.' Delve into the human drama and unquenchable curiosity that fueled NASA's Apollo space missions, as we explore the 12 men who walked on the moon and the thousands who supported them. Join us as we dive into this extraordinary story of exploration and discovery.

Immersive Documentary: 'The Moonwalkers'

Experience the captivating journey of 'The Moonwalkers' documentary co-written and narrated by Tom Hanks.

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Step into the world of 'The Moonwalkers,' an immersive documentary that brings to life NASA's Apollo space missions. Co-written and narrated by the legendary Tom Hanks, this extraordinary film takes you on a journey through the human drama and unquenchable curiosity that propelled mankind to the moon.

As you watch the 50-minute film at the Lightroom in London, you'll be surrounded by stunning imagery and transported back in time to the Apollo era. Every photograph and image used in the documentary was captured by humans, ensuring an authentic and awe-inspiring experience.

Join us as we explore the stories of the 12 brave men who walked on the moon, the dedicated individuals who supported them, and the new generation of astronauts preparing to return to the lunar surface through the Artemis program.

Tom Hanks: A Lifelong Space Buff

Discover Tom Hanks' passion for space exploration and his role in 'The Moonwalkers' documentary.

Tom Hanks, a two-time Academy Award-winning actor, has been captivated by the wonders of space since his childhood. His fascination with lunar exploration led him to co-write and narrate 'The Moonwalkers,' a testament to his lifelong passion.

Through his performance as Jim Lovell in the movie 'Apollo 13,' Hanks reignited public interest in the Apollo program in the 1990s. In 'The Moonwalkers,' he brings his warm and avuncular style to the narration, providing a unique perspective on the human side of space exploration.

Join us as we delve into Hanks' personal connection to space and his dedication to sharing the stories of those who ventured beyond our world.

Unveiling the Humanist Endeavor of the Space Race

Explore the deeply humanist nature of the space race and its representation of humanity's curiosity and determination.

The space race was not merely a competition between nations; it was a deeply humanist endeavor that showcased humanity's unquenchable curiosity and desire to push the boundaries of what is possible.

In 'The Moonwalkers,' we witness the words of President John F. Kennedy, who famously stated that we choose to go to the moon 'not because they are easy, but because they are hard.' This sentiment encapsulates the spirit of the Apollo program and the countless individuals who worked tirelessly to make the moon landing a reality.

Join us as we delve into the human stories behind the space race and the profound impact it had on our collective imagination.

Artemis: The Next Chapter in Lunar Exploration

Learn about the Artemis program and the new generation of astronauts preparing to return to the moon.

The Artemis program represents the next chapter in our exploration of the moon. Building upon the legacy of the Apollo missions, Artemis aims to land the first woman and the next man on the lunar surface.

In 'The Moonwalkers,' we have the opportunity to hear from the four astronauts selected for the Artemis II mission. Reid Wiseman, Victor Glover, Christina Koch, and Jeremy Hansen share their excitement and anticipation as they prepare to embark on this historic journey.

Join us as we discover the vision behind the Artemis program and the remarkable individuals who will pave the way for future lunar exploration.

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